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Never buy a Reliance Telcom product

I had applied for Reliance Netconnect plus wireless internet service on 23rd of March. And that was the last day for getting the 2 month bundled unlimited usage (10GB) free; that is worth Rs 3500. The next day I have got a call from RCOM that I am eligible for this offer. The official also asked me if I would like to see a demonstration of the wireless device. I said yes and after seeing the demo, at my home, I agreed to purchase this. I paid Rs 3500 to the dealer for the device on 04/04/2009. I got the device and connection was enabled. Everything was good.

The problem begins. Contrary to my belief that I'll get Rs 0 bill for the first two months, at end of the first month I have got a bill, of Rs 383, from RCOM. The bill amount should have been Rs 0. I have registered a complaint with them. I haven't got any response. Instead I am getting regular calls from RCOM for non payment of bills. Every time I get a call I tell them the full story. And each official agreed to resolve my issue.

Now one day I planned to visit my native place, Jaipur, to meet my parents. I was hoping that my business/work will not suffer because I can work remotely using the device I purchased from RCOM. I reached Jaipur and discovered that my internet is not working. I called up the toll free number of RCOM (1 800 3000 5555) and learnt from the official that my connection is deactivated due to non payment of bill. @#$#$%&%. I also learnt that a new bill is also generated for the second month. The second bill is of Rs 1125. Again the bill amount should have been Rs 0. I again registered a complained. I was told that the problem will be resolved in 24 hours.

I had registered my grievance at the Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment Centre ( or Let's see what happens.

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