Safari Experience

I am using Safari  (the browser) for the first time and first impression is really good. The font rendering is much better then IE or Firefox on MS Windows XP.

The way it shows pop-up alerts is also good. It's animated very nicely.

The bad thing is that it is not  a Free Software. :(

To experience it on Windows XP or Vista download it from

Gmail SlideShow

Gmail SlideShow
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Google added a PPT viewer to GMail. It is a nice feature. Now I don't need to download the file and transfer it to windows to view it using MS Office.

It works very well. Not like open office that doesn't convert/show files correctly.

Ripul Got Engaged, Formally!

Ripul and Preeti officially got engaged during the Ring Ceremony yesterday. Hope everybody has booked tickets to reach New Delhi on 2nd or latest by 3rd morning. 3rd May is the marriage date.

Train Options (3AC) :-

2137 PUNJAB MAIL 19:10
2449 GOA SMPRK K EXP 21:15
2953 AUG KR RAJ EXP 17:40

Rajdhani has return fare of around Rs. 3000/- other trains have fare of around Rs. 2400/-

Air options currently selling tickets for roughly around Rs. 6000/- (return tickets)

I would not recommend Bus as that would be much more tiring. ;)

Switched Back to Good Old Yahoo

After about six months of trial I finally decided to switch back to the original Y! interface. During last six months I was waiting if they improve it to make it as easy to use as gmail but to no gain.

Old Y! is much more closer to current gmail in terms of usability. At least I use only that much of gmail.

Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Saw this movie twice and I liked the way it presents the Gandhian philosophy of Ahimsa and Satyagrah. But when I was seeing the movie I was thinking that someone will surely challenge the movie for the modified Vande Mataram song (Vande Mataram, Bande mein tha dum).

Well that didn't happen. But suddenly 2-3 days back I was a news on Aaj Tak that some NSUI (the student organization supported by Congress) students in some city (I don't remember which) gathered and demanding that the word "Gandhigiri" be removed from movie.

While watching the movie I didn't even realize that this word is doing any harm to sentiments of people or showing disrespect to the Bapu. But then when I saw the news footage about the NSUI people, I realized that they were not even serious in agitation...they were just laughing and making fun. I hope this was just to attract media and not to really ban the movie.